We Are a Greenline Chemical Product Manufacturer That is Committed to Finding Solutions for Environmentally-safe Cleaners for Domestic, Commercial, and Industrial Use. Our Products Are 100% Biodegradable and Non-toxic, Making Them Safe for Both People and the Environment. We Are Constantly Researching New and Better Ways to Make Our Products More Effective and Environmentally Safe.

Why Do We Need BR Buildcare Green Chemistry Cleaning Products?

Cleaning Products Are Necessary for Every Home, by Creating Sustainable Green Chemistry and Promoting Innovative Ideas in the Cleaning & Hygiene Industry, Br Buildcare Implements and Actively Participates in Several Initiatives and Organizations Within the Framework of Corporate Social Responsibility.

According to the EPA, There Are More Than 80,000 Chemicals in Use in the United States, and Only a Fraction of Them Have Been Tested for Safety. Many of These Chemicals Can Be Harmful to Our Health, Particularly if They Come Into Contact With Our Skin.

Green Chemistry Cleaning Products Are Those Which Contain Green Chemicals That Are Made From Natural Ingredients, Eco-safe Chemicals, and Plant-based Enzymes and Are Non-hazardous.

Our Wide Range of Green Chemistry Cleaning Products, on the Other Hand, Are Both Ecologically and Economically Beneficial. This is Because a Tiny Amount Will Erase Any Type of Stains and They Are Accessible at a Fraction of the Cost of Typical Cleaning Products.

Where Our BR Buildcare Green Cleaning Products Are Used?

BR Buildcare Offers a Wide Range of Green Cleaning Products That Are Not Only Environmentally Friendly but Also Effective in Cleaning Surfaces and Other Areas. Our Products Are Made With Plant Base Ingredients That Are Safe for Both People and Pets. Not Only Do These Products Help Reduce Environmental Pollution, but They Also Save Energy and Conserve Resources.

Our Products Are Widely Used in a Variety of Fields Such as

Homes | Businesses | Institutions |Pharma Sector | Food Industries | Industries  Engineering Sector | Corporate Offices

Going Green in the Home | The Benefits of Cleaning With Green Products

  • Reducing the Use of Solvents and Other Harmful Substances
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Paraben Free
  • Bio Raw Martial
  • Carbon Footprint
  • Green & Ecology Formulation
  • Based on Natural Ingredients
  • Bio-Base Surfactants.
  • All Ingredients Are EPA Approved

Our Top Cleaners

The Br Buildcare is Unique. We Don’t Pretend to Be Healthier or More Ecologically Friendly Than We Are. We’re Just an Innovative & Eco Safe Cleaning Solution That Gets the Job Done Without the Use of Hazardous Solvents & Harsh Chemicals.

We Are a One-stop Solution for Specialty Cleaning Requirements. No Matter What Your Cleaning Requirements Are, From Your Kitchen to Your Office, From Your Faucet to Your Car, From Kitchen Appliances to Industrial Appliances, We Have the Best Cleaners Available at Affordable and Economical. Every Product Has a Unique Purpose and is Designed to Suit Different Situations According to Its Design.

Home Care Products

We Have a Wide Range of Home Care and Home Hygiene Products to Ensure Your and Your Family’s Safety. Our Cleaning Products Include Blueoxy Brand Auto Dishwasher Cleaner Rinse Aid, Blueoxy Coffee Maker Cleaner and Descalers, Laundry Pre-wash Spot Remover, Beeswax Furniture Shiner With Orange Oil, and Faucet Cleaner Lime Remover, Etc.

Auto Care Products

Br Buildcare Products Contain Every Auto Cleaning Need, From Interior Cleaning to Exterior Cleaning We Have Every Suitable Product. Every Product Has a Unique Usage and is Designed in Different Patterns Which is Suitable in Every Situation. Our Best Products Include Blueoxy Leather Cleaner and Conditioner Gel and Spray, and Blueoxy Metal Polish.

Industrial Cleaning Products

Industrial Cleaning Products Have Been Specially Developed by BR Buildcare to Ensure That Germs Are Not Spread. Our Products Are Designed to Be Used to Clean Industrial Environments From Dirt, Grime, and Stains. Our Most Famous Industrial Cleaning Products Are Rust Remover and Inhibitor Spray, Etc.

Health Benefits of Our Eco-safe Cleaning Products

It is Always Important to Take Into Account What Type of Cleaning Products You Are Using for Your Space. To Maintain a Safe Internal Environment, Avoid Using Conventional Cleaning Products That Leave Behind Chemical Residues on Your Skin, on the Food You Prepare, on Children, or Even on Pets. Only Use Green Surfactants and Eco-safe Cleaning Products.

Our Products Are Allergy-free Which Makes Them Suitable for All Types of Skin.

It Protects Your Circulatory System by Penetrating Your Skin From Harsh Chemicals.

All Our Cleaning Products Contain Plant Base Ingredients, Eco-safe Ingredients Which Protect Your Skin From Skin Rashes, Dampness and Dry Skin.

When Using BR Buildcare’s Cleaning Products, Which Contain Very Few Green Chemicals, You Can Inhale Without Worrying About Harsh Chemicals Causing Respiratory Problems.

To Avoid Health Issues Related to the Hormonal Systems, and Other Sensitive Areas.


At BR Buildcare, We Strive to Ensure the Safety, Hygienic, and Satisfaction of Our Customers. As a result, We Ensure Our Cleaning Products Are Healthy, Safe, and Satisfy Them. We Comply With the Requirements of the Us EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Every Ingredient in Our Products is Prioritized According to EPA Guidelines, and Every Step of the Manufacturing Process is Followed by EPA Guidelines. All Our Efforts Are Directed Towards Providing Eco-safe, Green Chemistry Cleaning Products That Are Neither Harmful to the Environment Nor Harmful to Our Customers.

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