Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish & Shiner 500 ml

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Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish & Hardwood Floor High Traffic Polish & Restorer, You Can Do Just That! This Polish Not Only Fades Existing Scratches but Also Prevents New Ones From Forming, All While Imparting a Beautiful, High-gloss Finish.

Restores and Shines Wooden & Laminate Floors Instantly Rejuvenates Finished Hardwood Floors With a Brilliant, Natural Suppleness & Sheen That Extends the Life of Wood Floors and Leaves Them Looking Like New!

Micro-filling Technology for Scratches Our Micro-filling Technology Removes Scratches on High-traffic Hardwood Floors While Forming a Protective Scratch-resistant Layer. It Doesn’t Just Fade Existing Scratches It Contains a Micro-filling Technology That Prevents New Ones From Forming.

Key Benefits

Gives Hardwood Floors a New Lease on Life, Making Them Look Like New

Resists Scratches and Scuffs, Extending the Life of the Floor -ready to Use, No Mixing, Diluting or Rinsing Required

Restores and Shines Wooden Floors

Prevents New Scratches

Micro-filling Technology for Scratches



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Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish

Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish is a Unique Product That Helps to Keep Your Wooden Floor Clean and Guard Against Stains and General Wear and Tear. This Non-toxic Polish Gives Your Floor a Lovely Sheen and Deters Dust and Filth With All-natural Waxes.

Blueoxy Wooden & Laminate Floor Polish Will Restore Protection Against Wooden Surfaces. The Long-lasting, Urethane Polymer Blend Fills in Minor Blemishes and Evens Out the Appearance of Your Floor for a Brand-new, Refreshed Look. It Dries Remarkably Quickly and Has a Low Satin Gloss Protective Layer.

Protects From Dust

Our Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish is Perfect for Keeping Your Floors Looking New. The Gel Creates a Protective Layer That Shields the Surface From Dirt, Dust and Abrasion. The Essential Oils in the Polish Also Help to Keep Your Floors Hydrated and Healthy.

Natural Wax Formulation

An Easy and Effective Way to Clean and Protect Your Hardwood Floors? Look No Further Than Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish! This Quick-drying, Simple-to-apply Floor Polish is Ideal for Removing Dirt and Grime and Can Help Save You Time and Effort. The Deep Action Solution Also Penetrates the Wood to Seal and Protect It From Moisture and Other Damage.

Old Wooden Floors Can Also Be Revived With Blueoxy Hardwood Floor Polish.

This Special Wax and Oil Mixture Not Only Restores Lustre and Gloss but Also Shields the Wood From Further Damage.

So Why Wait? Give Your Hardwood Floors the Protection and Shine They Deserve With Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish!

Features of Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish

  • The Wooden Floor’s Original Lustre is Restored.
  • There Were No Toxic Substances or Harsh Chemicals Used in This Product.
  • The Wooden Floor Can Be Kept From Drying Out and Cracking With Regular Use.
  • Without Any Extra Effort Now You Can Make Your Wooden Surfaces Shine as Bright as New.

How to Use?

Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish is the Fast-drying, Protective Floor Polish You Need to Revitalize Your Floors and Keep Them Looking Their Best. With a Coverage of 150 Sq. Ft., This Easy-to-use Polish Can Be Used Every 1-3 Months to Achieve a Beautiful Finish on Your Hardwood or Laminate Floors.

Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish Comes Ready to Use and Removes Scuffs From Wooden and Laminate Floors, Leaving Only a Radiant Shine.

  • Take the Necessary Quantity of the Product on a Sterile and Neat Microfiber Cloth.
  • By using a Single-direction Motion Apply the Product to a Hardwood or Laminate Floor Neatly.
  • Then Use a Microfiber Cloth to Polish the Surface to Create a Gleaming Wooden Floor.

Note: After Applying to Wooden and Laminate Surfaces, Immediately Buff the Surface With a Cloth.

Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish is the Ideal Product to Use if You Want to Achieve a Beautiful, Glossy Finish on Your Hardwood or Laminate Floors. This Easy-to-use Polish Can Be Used Every 1-4 Months and Removes Scuffs With Ease, Leaving Behind Only a Radiant Shine.

Ecology Formulation

Our Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish would be an excellent choice for your flooring requirements. Because it is made with an environmentally friendly wax emulsion, polymers, and citrus terpenes, it gives your floors a rich shine and prevents them from scratching. You can use it anytime, anywhere, and it leaves a tangy citrus scent behind.

  • Our Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish is bio-degradable and contains plant-based components.
  • Our product is designed with non-toxic and harmless substances. No harmful chemicals are used in this product.
  • Every material used in this product has been chosen according to U.S EPA standards and is created according to those standards.

So why wait? Give your floors the care they deserve with Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish.

Thank you for considering our Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish! As you noted, it is made with environmentally friendly wax emulsion, polymers, and citrus terpenes, which makes it a great choice for those looking for eco-friendly floor polish. Additionally, it is bio-degradable and contains plant-based components, making it safe to use around the home. We hope you give our product a try!



1 review for Blueoxy Wooden Floor Polish & Shiner 500 ml

(1 customer review )
  1. Swapna Pendem

    Easy to use on Wooden and laminate floors. Makes disappear existing scratches and gives a new look to wooden and laminate floors.

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