Blueoxy Tap Cleaner & Lime Remover Spray 500 ml

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Blueoxy Tap Cleaner & Lime Remover. This Cleaner is Superior and Easy to Use. Simply Spray It Onto the Affected Area and Leave It on for a Few Minutes, Then Rinse Off With Warm Water and Rub Dry. You’ll Notice the Difference Immediately!

Our Tap Cleaner is Also Enamel-friendly, So You Can Use It on All Kinds of Tap Surfaces Without Worrying About Damaging Them. Plus, It’s Gentle and Won’t Harm the Surrounding Ceramic and Enamel Surfaces. So Not Only Will Your Taps Look Great, but They’ll Also Last Longer!

Blueoxy Tap Cleaner is Perfect for Use on the Following Surfaces – Chrome, Stainless Steel, Brass, and Brushed Steel. So You Can Be Sure That Your Washroom Taps and Accessories Will Look New and Shine Again.

Key Benefits

Removes Limescale and Deposits Without Harming Surrounding Surfaces

Can Be Used on a Variety of Surfaces

Preserves the Value of Sanitary Objects

Our Tap Cleaner is Easy to Use – Simply Spray on the Affected Area and Leave It to Work for a Few Minutes Before Rinsing Off With Warm Water.

The Cleaner is Enamel-friendly, So It Won’t Damage Your Taps or Other Surfaces.




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Blueoxy Tap Cleaner & Lime Remover

Blueoxy Tap Cleaner Effective Way to Clean Your Taps and Remove Limescale Build-up, Then Blueoxy Tap Cleaner is the Perfect Solution for You! Our Unique Formula Quickly and Safely Removes Any Impurities, Without Damaging Your Plumbing or Pipes. Plus, It’s Tough on Hard Water and Limescale, but Gentle on Your Taps – Making It the Best Option for Keeping Your Tap Area Clean and Refreshed.

Easy & Safe

Our Blueoxy Tap Cleaner is Gentle on Both Taps and Their Surroundings, and Won’t Damage Ceramic or Enamel Surfaces.

No Harsh Chemicals

Now, Clean Your Entire Tap in Seconds Without Harsh Chemicals and Toxic Fumes.

Blueoxy Tap Cleaner is a Safe and Powerful Alternative to Traditional Tap Cleaners Filled With Harsh Chemicals and Numerous Side Effects. It’s a Non-toxic, Easy-to-use Cleanser That’s Suitable for All Metal Surfaces.

Without the Use of Harsh Chemicals or Scrubbing, Blueoxy is a Revolutionary New Method to Clean Your Taps.

It Mostly Uses Bio-degradable and Environmentally-friendly Ingredients to Make Your Space a Chemical-free Area. This Biodegradable Cleaner Quickly Removes Dirt, Soap Scum, and Hard Water Build-up With Ease. In a Few Minutes, Blueoxy Dissolves Lime Scale, Water Stains, and Dirt Build-up From Your Taps, Making Them Seem Brand New.

Best for All Lime Scales

Blueoxy Tap Cleaner is the Perfect Way to Clean Your Taps and Keep Them Shining for a Longer Period. The Specially Formulated Cleaner Can Be Used on Chrome, Enamel-plated Taps, Stainless Steel, Brass, and Brushed Steel Surfaces With Ease. It Quickly Removes Dirt, Grease, and Grime Build-up, Leaving Your Taps Looking Shiny and New.

Blueoxy Tap Cleaning Spray is a Powerful and Versatile Cleaner That Can Be Used on a Variety of Surfaces in Your Home. It’s Effective in Removing Stubborn Stains From Showers, Bathtubs, Mirrors, and More! Plus, It Leaves Surfaces Streak-free and shines.

Blueoxy Tap Cleaner is Suitable for Use on Hard Surfaces Such as Ceramic tiles, Stainless Steel, Chrome Fittings, and Glass Shower Cubicles.

Perfect for Instant Cleaning

The Blueoxy Tap Cleaner is a Remarkable Product That Not Only Cleans Your Taps but Leaves Them High-pitched as Well. It Comes With Simple Instructions for Use. It’s Perfect for Any Busy Individual Who Wants to Ensure Their Washroom is Always Looking Clean and Presentable. No Matter What Your Final Choice of Tap Brands or Types Is, Blueoxy Tap Cleaner is Sure to Leave Your Taps Shining.

Note: Blueoxy Tap Cleaner is Not Recommended for Acid-sensitive Surfaces Like Granite and Marble.

How to Use?

To Make Sure That Anyone Can Use Blueoxy Products Without Instructions, They Are Designed to Be Easy to Use. Here Are the Simple Steps to Be Followed While Using Blueoxy Tap Cleaner

  • Initially, Turn the Nozzle’s Front Into the on Position Before Using It for the First Time.
  • Directly Spray and Apply the Product to the Tap Surface That Needs to Be Cleaned.
  • For the Product to Work Best, Leave the Surface Unattended for at Least Five Minutes.
  • To Acquire Clean Taps and Fixtures, Wipe With a Clean, Neat and Dry Microfiber Cloth.


All Our Blueoxy Products Are Ecology-friendly, Biodegradable and Non-toxic. Our Products Contain a Plant-based Surfactant With 30% Non-ionic and 10% Anionic Content in Our Ingredients Lists Which Doesn’t Harm Either the Environment or Humans in Any Form.

All Our Products Are U.S EPA Approved. We Use  U.S EPA-recommended Ingredients and We Ensure That We Follow All the EPA Guidelines. Children, the Environment, and Animals Are All Protected by Our Products.




2 reviews for Blueoxy Tap Cleaner & Lime Remover Spray 500 ml

(2 customer reviews )
  1. swapna

    Best Product. Easy to use. Works effectively. Removes lime, dust and dirt easily on stainless steel and brass taps. Gives long life to taps.

  2. manaswini

    blueoxy tap cleaner is used to clean steel taps and faucets effectively with glowing way

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