Blueoxy Shine Protectant & Cleaner 200 ml

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Blueoxy Shine Protectant! This Green Chemistry Solvent-formulated Product is Made of Natural Ingredients and Does Not Contain Any Harsh Chemicals Which Might Damage the Surface. It is Non-greasy and Does Not Leave Any Residual Build-up or Streaks When Used. Plus, It is Eco-safe and Easy to Use!

Our Non-greasy Formula is Perfect for Cleaning, Shining, and Protecting Your Vinyl, Rubber, and Plastic Surfaces.

Our Quick-drying Trigger Spray Allows You to Easily Apply the Product and Remove Any Excess.

Our Powerful UXY Blockers Will Protect Your Surfaces From Fading, Cracking, and Other Damage. King and Ageing

Key Benefits

Lasts Long and Leaves a Glossy Shine

Cleans Shines and Protects All in One Product

Creates a Dark, Rich, High Gloss Shine Without a Greasy Finish

Safe and Effective on Interior and Exterior Vinyl, Rubber, and Plastics

Contains UV Absorbers



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Blueoxy Shine Protectant

Blueoxy Shine Protectant is a Multi-surface Shine Protectant That Gives the Car Detailing a Deep, Rich Appearance While Offering the Best Long-lasting Shine Possible. This Shield Leaves a Smooth, Non-greasy Surface and is Suitable to Use on Leather, Vinyl, Rubber, and Plastics.

With Even More High Gloss Boosters Added, Blueoxy Shine Protectant’s Already Amazing Ability to Shield the Finish of Your Automobile From the Elements is Increased.

This Solution Covers Your Paint From UV Rays in Addition to Protecting It From Rain, Road Salt, and Other Impurities That Might Harm or Discolor It.

It’s Effortless to Apply Thanks to the Spray Container, and You’ll Like the Beautiful Shine It Leaves Behind. Blueoxy Shine Protectant is a Great Way to Keep Your Car’s Finish Looking New. It’s Easy to Apply and Will Last a Long Time Without Needing to Be Reapplied

Multi-purpose Uses

  • The Ideal Approach to Maintaining a Brand-new Appearance for Your Automobile is Using Blueoxy Shine Protectant.
  • It Can Help Postpone the Start of Premature Ageing in Addition to Preventing Cracking, Fading, and Discolorations.
  • Adds Incredible Clean and Gloss Shine to Vinyl, Plastic, and Rubber, Revitalizes Vinyl and Deepens the Look of Plastic, and Rubber.
  • A Wide Range of Vinyl, Leather, and Rubber Surfaces Can Be Cleaned, Conditioned, and Protected Easily and Quickly.
  • All Types of Plastic Can Be Protected With Blueoxy Shine Protectant, Which Leaves a Glossy Finish That Lasts for Weeks.
  • It Reconditions and Maintains the Original Condition and Appearance of Dashboards, Bumpers, Trim, and More.
  • It’s Gentle and Safe on Your Bumpers, Leaving Long-lasting, Naturally Clean Surfaces. Plus, It Preserves and Protects for Up to 30 Days!

Therefore, Blueoxy Shine Protectant is Unquestionably a Product That You Should Consider if You’re Looking for Something to Maintain the Appearance of Your Auto Detailing. Blueoxy Shine Protectant is a Great Product to Use if You Want to Maintain the Appearance of Your Car. It Can Help Prevent Cracking, Fading, and Discolouration, and It Will Also Leave a Glossy Finish That Lasts for Weeks.

How to Use?

  • Shake the Spray Bottle Well Before Using It.
  • Spray Over a Clean Surface or Generously Apply to a Clean Cloth and Spread Evenly.
  • A Clean and Dry Microfiber Cloth Should Be Used to Wipe the Surface Uniformly.
  • To Keep the Surface Looking Good and Providing Protection, Apply as Needed.
  • Three Applications Are Advised for the Most Effective Results on Previously Untreated Surfaces.
  • Remove Any More Excess Spray From the Surface by Wiping It.

This Product is for External Use Only. Avoid Contact With Eyes and Mucous Membranes. If Contact Occurs, Flush Thoroughly With Water. If Irritation Develops, Discontinue Use and Consult a Physician. Keep Out of Reach of Children and Animals. Store in a Cool, Dry Place Away From Direct Sunlight and Heat Sources.

Ecology Formulation

With the addition of Even More High Gloss Enhancers, Blueoxy Shine Protectant is Strengthened and Now Has a Fantastic, Intense Sheen. It Offers Long-lasting Protection Against UV Radiation, Bird Droppings, and Other Environmental Pollutants While Shielding and Protecting Your Vehicle’s Finish From Damaging the Elements.

In Addition to Providing Outstanding Gloss, Blueoxy Shine Protectant is an Ozone and Smog-resistant, UV-shielding Penetrant That is Also Resistant to Abrasions and Scratches. The Neoteric Chemistry Present in This Liquid Ensures That Dirt and Grime Are Removed Quickly and Easily, While the Shine Protectant Keeps Your Car Looking Its Best.

Blueoxy Shine Protectant is an Environmentally Friendly, Eco Safe, Biodegradable, and Harmless Chemicals Product.

It Uses Plant-based Solvent Ingredients.

It Uses 25% Hydrotreated Light, Shine Polymers & Ethylene Glycol Mix to Clean and Protects Your Auto Detailing Finish. Blueoxy Shine Protectant Uses All U.S EPA-approved Ingredients and Exceeds U.S EP Safety Standards.

Blueoxy Shine Protectant is a Top-of-the-line Car Detailing Product That Offers a Long-lasting, Intense Shine. It is also Eco-friendly and Biodegradable, Making It Safe for the Environment.



1 review for Blueoxy Shine Protectant & Cleaner 200 ml

(1 customer review )
  1. swapna

    Removes residue and gives glow to vinyl rubber and plastic surfaces. Effective and lasts longer.

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