Blueoxy Lime & Hardwater Stain Remover, Cleaner 500 ml

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Blueoxy Lime & Hardwater Stain Remover is a Powerful Cleaner That Eliminates Limescale, Calcium, and Rust Stains. The Concentrated Formula is a Convenient Way to Clean Small Surfaces Like Basins, Sinks, Faucets, Taps and Fixtures.

It Effectively Cleans the Toughest Hard Water and Limescale Build-ups With a Convenient, Easy-to-use Liquid.

Eliminates Limescale, Calcium, and Rust Stains, Concentrated Formula Cleans Any Surfaces

Effectively Cleans the Toughest Hard Water and Limescale Build-ups.

Multi-purpose Blueoxy Lime & Hardwater Stain Remover Can Be Used on a Variety of Surfaces, Including Tiles, Fixtures, Bathtubs, and More. Works by Breaking Down the Lime Scale Deposits That Can Build Up on Surfaces Over Time.

This Makes It Easy to Remove the Deposits, Leaving Your Surfaces Looking Like New.

Key Benefits

Ecology Formulated to Take on Tough Lime, Calcium and Rust Stain Buildups

Helps Leave Surfaces Stain-free and Sparkling -great for Places in the Bathroom Like Bathtubs and Shower Walls

Stain-free and Sparkling Surfaces

Tough on Lime, Calcium, and Rust Buildups

Great for Large Surfaces in the Washrooms



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Blueoxy Lime & Hardwater Stain Remover

The Blueoxy Lime & Hardwater Stain Remover Was Created Specifically to Remove Limescale Buildup and Clear Hard Water Stains. Tile, Porcelain, and Chrome Are Just a Few of the Surfaces That It is Safe to Use. Fast and Effective Removal of Challenging Stains is Provided by Blueoxy Lime & Hardwater Stain Remover.

Blueoxy Lime & Hardwater Stain Remover is an Extremely Concentrated and Powerful, Professional Formula That Has No Smelly Fumes and is Easy on the Hands. Now Get Clean and Sparkling Surfaces With Blueoxy Lime & Hardwater Stain Remover in a Few Minutes. With Its Composition, Surfaces and Fixtures Will Be Brought Back to Their Former Beauty. This Will Swiftly Penetrate and Eliminates Any Limescale Accumulation.

Additionally, You May Use It on Anything That Needs a Little Tlc Because It is Safe to Use on a Range of Materials.

Best for Hard Surface

Our Cleaner is Perfect for All Types of Surfaces, Including Glass, Ceramic Tiles, Faucets, Porcelain, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Shower Doors, and More. You Can Trust That It Won’t Damage or Scratch Any of Your Surfaces.

How to Use?

  • First Wet the surface and add the necessary amount of cleanser to scrub or sponge.
  • Apply the cleanser to the desired surface in a circular motion and scrub the area.
  • Wait 5 minutes. Finally, rinse off the cleanser with lukewarm water and pat your surface dry with a cloth.
  • Now, using the scrubber, thoroughly scrub the surface.
  • Allow the cleaner to work for five uninterrupted minutes.
  • To acquire a descaled and stain-free surface, thoroughly rinse with cold water.
  • Repeat this process once every two months to acquire long-lasting shine.
  • You can also submerge clogged showerheads with the help of a sponge in a mixture of diluted water and cleaning liquid (with a ratio of 1:2), then scrub with a brush to get rid of stains.
  • After the above process, leave for a little while, then rinse again.

Note: Before Using and/or Using Half Strength to Prevent Potential Damage, Test a Hidden Area.

Eco-safe Ingredients

Blueoxy Lime & Hardwater Stain Remover Quickly and Easily Removes Lime, Hard Water, and Rust Stains From Most Surfaces Without Harsh Chemicals or Abrasives. When Used, It Does Not Emit Any Unpleasant, Pungent Smells. It’s Secure and Simple to Use.

This Cleaner Contains a Highly Concentrated Formula Capable of Removing Older and Hard Stains.

Penetrates and Removes Stubborn Water Stains and Limescale With Ease.

Ecology Formulation

Blueoxy Lime & Hardwater Stain Remover is the Best Choice for Removing Tough Limescale and Hard Water Stains From Your Surfaces! Its Powerful Bio-based Formula Features 40 % Carboxylic Acids and Surfactants and an N-dimethyl 9-decenamide Mix, Making It Incredibly Effective at Removing Dirt, Grease, and Grime.

All of Our Products Contain Plant-based Ingredients Which Include 20% an-ionic Surfactants, Organic Acids, and Polymers, Together With 5% Non-ionic Surfactants.

The U.S EPA Guidelines Are Followed Throughout the Product’s Manufacture and Sale, and All of the Ingredients Have Been Finalized by Their Approved List and Recommendations.



1 review for Blueoxy Lime & Hardwater Stain Remover, Cleaner 500 ml

(1 customer review )
  1. swapna

    Effectively removes lime and rust stains on any type of surfaces. Can be used in Kitchen and Washrooms surfaces.

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