Blueoxy Kitchen Concentrate Cleaner & Degreaser 500 ml

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Blueoxy Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate. This Powerful Citrus Degreaser and Cleaner Removes Oil, Grease, Adhesive and Kitchen Soil Quickly and Easily. Heavy-duty Degreaser and Cleaner Are Powerful Enough to Remove the Toughest Grease and Grime.

Multi-purpose: It’s Great for Use on Appliances, Grills, Stovetops, Concrete, Stainless Steel and Kitchen Surfaces. However, It Should Not Be Used on Glass, Acrylic Glass, Plastics, or Natural Stone Surfaces.

If You’re Looking for a Professional-grade Degreaser That Can Quickly Dissolve Soils, Look No Further! This Fast-acting Degreaser is Perfect for Garages, Shops and Outdoor Areas That Are Constantly Exposed to Grease and Dirt. And Because It Makes Cleaning Quicker and Easier, It Helps Create a Safer Workspace.

Key Benefits

Heavy-duty Citrus Degreaser and Cleaner Removes Oil, Grease, Adhesive and Kitchen Soil

Great to Use on: Appliances, Grills, Stovetops, Granite, Fiberglass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Kitchen Surfaces

Eco–Safe Ingredients Combined With a Team of the Best Experts in This Particular Field Make It Perfect for Use in the Home and Commercial Kitchens.

A high-performance Cleaner and Degreaser is Made With Natural Citrus Based That Powers Through the Toughest Grease, Dirt and Grime.

The Next Time You Clean, It Will Take Even Less Time. With Our Oxy Pro Technology



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Blueoxy Kitchen Concentrate Cleaner

Our Blueoxy Kitchen Cleanser and Degreaser is a Powerful, Concentrated Cleaner With a Unique Formula – Perfect for All Your Cleaning Requirements! This Effective Citrus-based Cleanser Quickly Cuts Through Oil and Dirt, Leaving Your Surfaces Clean and Shining.

Blueoxy Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser is a Natural Citrus Solvent That Dissolves Even the Most Stubborn Grease, Burned-on Residue, Filth, and Grime. It’s Perfect for Quickly Removing Tough Messes So You Can Get Back to Cooking. Plus, It’s Mild Enough to Use regularly Without Harming Your Surfaces.

Eco-safe Ingredients

Blueoxy Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser That is Tough on Grease and Grime, but Gentle Enough for Everyday Use.

Blueoxy Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser Are Fortified With Citrus Extracts to Dissolve Away the Most Stubborn Stains.

The Powerful Combination of Ingredients is Formulated by a Team of the Best Experts in This Particular Field, Making It Perfect for Removing Grease, Grime, and Dirt. It’s Perfect for Cleaning Up Heavy-duty Messes, and Also Safe Enough to Use Around Your Family.

Blueoxy Kitchen Cleaner & Degreaser is Strong and Contains a Concentrated Formula That Swiftly Eliminates Grease and Dirt From Surfaces Inside and Outside Your Kitchen. This Contains Plant-based Grease Cutters Which Help to Remove Stains. This Cleaner is Safe and Does Not Include Acid, Bleach, or Ammonia, Making It Ideal for Numerous Applications With No Smells Left Behind.

Best for All Kitchen Appliances

Blueoxy is a Strong Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser That May Be Used on Appliances, Stovetops, Stainless Steel, and Other Surfaces. It Swiftly Eliminates Dirt, Oil, and Grime, Allowing You to Get Your Kitchen Looking Clean and Clutter-free in No Time. It Can Be Used on Dirty Stoves, Range Hoods, Sinks, Countertops, Exhaust Filters, and Floors. This Works Its Magic Even on Enamel Kitchen Surfaces. Furthermore, It is Safe to Use on All Sorts of Surfaces, So You Can Rest Certain That Your Kitchen is Receiving the Greatest Clean Possible.

How to Use?

  • Moisture the Surface That Requires Cleaning.
  • Apply the Necessary Quantity of Product to the Soft Scrub.
  • Now Thoroughly Clean the Surface.
  • After Cleaning, Let the Area Alone for at Least 5 Minutes to Allow the Product to Work.
  • Rinse With Clean Water to Have a Clean Kitchen Surface.

Ecology Formulation

This Cleaner is Filled With Components That Are Completely Biodegradable and Non-toxic.

Use This Strong Cleanser on Hard, Non-porous Surfaces to Disinfect and Destroy 99.99% of Viruses and Germs.

You’ll Love the Fresh Lemon Scent It Leaves Behind, and All Your Kitchen Surfaces Will Be Left Sparkling Clean.

Our Products Are Ecologically Responsible With 30% Plant Base Surfactants & Natural Citrus Terpenes, Along With a Natural Enzyme Mixture.

This Cleaner is Filled With Components That Are Completely Biodegradable and Non-toxic – Perfect for Those Who Are Conscious of Their Impact on the Environment!



2 reviews for Blueoxy Kitchen Concentrate Cleaner & Degreaser 500 ml

(2 customer reviews )
  1. Swapna

    effectively works on removing oil, grease and grime stains on kitchen tops and surfaces.

  2. manaswini

    con kitchen removes oil, grease and kitchen surfaces

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