Blueoxy Absolute Glass Cleaner 500ml


Discover the power of Blueoxy Absolute Glass Cleaner, a 500 ml bottle designed to leave your glass surfaces spotless and streak-free. This advanced formula not only tackles tough stains like grease, bird droppings, and bug splatters but also repels dust for longer-lasting clarity. Enjoy the refreshing orange scent as you clean, with an ammonia-free solution that’s safe for all glass types, including window tints. Achieve sparkling results with ease, making Blueoxy your go-to for pristine glass surfaces.

  • Streak-Free and Dust-Resistant
  • Ammonia-Free, Safe for All Glass Types
  • Refreshing Orange Scent

Perfect for: Home and automotive use, ensuring your windows and mirrors are crystal clear and beautifully preserved.

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Achieve Pristine Clarity with Every Clean Introducing Blueoxy Absolute Glass Cleaner in a 500 ml bottle, your ultimate solution for achieving spotless glass surfaces. This premium cleaner effortlessly removes a wide range of contaminants, from everyday dust to the most persistent stains like grease, bird droppings, and bug splatters, ensuring a flawless finish without any streaks.

Innovative Streak-Free and Dust-Resistant Formula Elevate your cleaning experience with Blueoxy Absolute Glass Cleaner, featuring a cutting-edge formula that not only eliminates streaks but also repels dust. Its unique composition prevents static, keeping your glass surfaces immaculate and clear for longer periods. Revel in the refreshing scent of orange and the satisfaction of sparkling cleanliness.

Ammonia-Free Solution for Delicate Care Blueoxy prioritizes both effectiveness and safety with its ammonia-free glass cleaner, specially formulated to be gentle on window tints and all types of glass surfaces. This powerful cleaner tackles tough grime, including vinyl fog and road residue, without risking damage, ensuring your surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and beautifully preserved.

Steps to Sparkling Glass:

  • Preparation: Vigorously shake the can to activate its potent formula.
  • Application: Lightly spray the cleaner directly onto the surface or onto a microfiber cloth for sensitive areas.
  • Cleaning: Use one microfiber towel to remove dirt, then follow with a second towel to polish the glass to a radiant shine.
  • For Interior Windows: Apply the cleaner to the cloth first to control the amount used and prevent overspray.
  • Final Touch: Buff the surface with a premium microfiber towel for a flawless finish.


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