Blueoxy BeesWax Furniture Shiner
430 ml

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Blueoxy Beeswax Furniture Shiner, You Can Do Just That! This Furniture Shiner is Formulated With a Special Blend of Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, and Orange Oil to Restore Shine on Your Wooden Furniture. It Also Prevents Your Furniture From Drying Out, Fading, and Cracking. Plus, It Leaves a Pleasant Citrus Fragrance Behind. Simply Spray It on and Wipe It Off for an Instant Shine.

This Natural Furniture Polish Offers Long-lasting Protection Against Everyday Marks and is Suitable for Wood and Many Other Surfaces. With Regular Use, It Will Keeps Your Furniture Looking Great for Years to Come!

Eco Safe Formula: Does Not Contain Any Abrasives and is Safe for Use Around Children and Pets.

A Pleasant Citrus Fragrance Leaves Your Furniture Smelling Fresh and Clean.

Key Benefits

Blend of Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, and Orange Oil: Restores Shine on Wooden Furniture and Prevents Wood From Drying Out, Fading, and Cracking.

Restores Shine to Wooden Furniture

Easy to Use – Just Spray and Wipe

Taking Care of Your Furniture Can Help Bring Out Its Natural Radiance and Keep It in Great Condition for Years to Come.





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Blueoxy Beeswax Furniture Shiner

The Blueoxy Beeswax Furniture Shiner Penetrates the Wood, Restoring Its Shine and Guarding It Against Future Damage With Its Unique Blend of Natural Beeswax and Essential Oils.

Blueoxy Beeswax Furniture Shiner is a Unique Wax-based Mix of Carnauba Wax and Beeswax That is Great for Cleaning and Improving the Shine of Your Furniture. It Removes Dust, Filth, and Smudges While Safeguarding Your Furniture From Potential Harm. This Composition Provides a Streak-free Shine While Leaving No Residue Behind. You’ll Get Brand-new-looking Furniture Once More!

Why Beeswax Shiner?

Beeswax is a Natural, Renewable Material That Has Been Used to Polish and Protect Wood Furniture for Ages. The Natural Power of Beeswax is at Your Hands With Our Blueoxy Beeswax Furniture Shiner, Allowing You to Simply Restore the Shine to Your Wooden Furniture. Carnauba Wax, Which is Noted for Its Hardness and Excellent Sheen, is Found in Blueoxy Beeswax. It Also Includes Natural Oils and Resins That Aid in the Sealing and Protection of the Wood Surface.

Key Features

  • It Contains an Incomparable Blend of Orange Oil and Beeswax. It Nourishes and Polishes Wood, Leaving a Beautiful Shine That Lasts.
  • Maintains the Moisture Level of Wood and Prevents It From Drying Out, Fading, or Even Cracking.
  • The Wood Takes on a Natural Shine Once It Has Been Restored.
  • Our Products Are Designed to Be Eco-friendly and Safe to Use.

How to Use?

You Can Bring Out the Shine of Any Wood Furniture by Simply Spraying It With This Product and Wiping It Off. In Addition to Preventing Yellowing, Drying Out, and Cracking, Regular Use of the Product Also Prevents the Wood From Yellowing.

  • Apply Straight Over the Surface Using a Spray Bottle
  • Using a Microfiber Cloth, Polish the Surface Completely and Neatly.
  • To Acquire Clean and Sparkling Furniture, Wipe the Excess With Another Clean Microfiber Cloth.
  • Shake the Container Before Applying It to Provide a Perfect Spray to the Surface.

Essential Oil Components

This Product Will Enhance the Shine of Your Hardwood Furniture and Help Prevent It From Drying Out and Fading. It Contains a Combination of Essential Oil Components With a High Concentration of Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, and Orange Oil.

Safe for All Types of Wood Furniture

Our Beeswax Furniture Polish is Perfect for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use! It’s Suitable for Any Season or Weather, and It’s Ideal for All Types of Wood Furniture, Whether Sealed or Unsealed, New or Old. Blueoxy Beeswax Furniture Polish Will Give Your Wood a Natural Shine and Make It Resistant to Humidity and Moisture.

Ecology Formulation

Blueoxy Beeswax Furniture Shiner is an Incredible Solution That Not Only Makes Your Furniture Look Great but Also Smells Great.

It’s a Milder Alternative to Conventional Furniture Polishes That Can Be Harsh on Your Furniture and the Environment. Plus, It Leaves a Light Citrus Aroma on the Surface for a Long Time.

Blueoxy Beeswax Furniture Shiner is the Perfect Way to Clean and Polish Your Wood Furniture. It Uses All-natural Ingredients That Are U.S EPA-approved.





1 review for Blueoxy BeesWax Furniture Shiner
430 ml

(1 customer review )
  1. manaswini

    our old wooden basket got shine after applying this.citrus flavour is also good.value for money

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