Keep your car’s plastic and rubber looking new by using a protectant to maintain color and quality.

Gently wash your car’s trim with mild car soap for a sparkling finish!

Gently brush canvas materials using a soft-bristled brush.

Look around your car’s exterior, and you’ll find plastic and rubber everywhere – from the trim to the molding, bumpers, and even the wiper blade brackets.

We’ve got some great advice for cleaning these components, including how to clean black plastic trim on a car and caring for a convertible’s canvas top.

It’s essential to maintain clean exterior plastic and rubber surfaces. Please clean them now and then to keep them looking great!

If you’re looking to spruce up your car’s trim and make it look good as new, it’s best to start by using mild car wash soap. A protectant can also be used for plastic, rubber, or vinyl trim. Some newer cars feature black trim that can be made of plastic, rubber, vinyl, or anodized aluminum – so be sure to check your Owner’s Manual to find out precisely what material is used to use the best product to clean your car’s exterior black plastic.

Here are some valuable pointers to help you clean your car’s trim:

Begin with a protective product to preserve the vibrancy and excellence of plastic trim and rubber.

A protectant can help bring back the original look of faded and discolored plastic and rubber, thereby safeguarding them from the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.

Grab a toothbrush and gently clean faded plastic parts with some protectant for a fresh look!

To prevent any mess, try spritzing a cloth with the dressing before applying, or if you’d prefer, opt for a gel or wipes instead!

Let the protectant soak into the plastic or rubber material before wiping it off for optimal performance.

Keep your convertible top looking new by following these easy steps for washing it!

With time, the sun and warmth can cause damage to a canvas or vinyl convertible top, so it’s essential to know the correct way to wash your cabriolet to keep it looking and functioning at its best. To determine the best course of action, determine if your soft top is made of canvas or vinyl. If you’re unsure, refer to your Owner’s Manual for guidance.

After a good wash, the best way to care for your vinyl top is to use a protectant! It has surfactants to get rid of dirt, silicone oil for lubrication, and UV protection agents to keep it looking great!

Keeping your car’s canvas clean is essential! To help maintain it, make sure to regularly clean canvas surfaces. Washing it with mild detergent and a soft cloth will help keep it looking clean and new for longer.

Gently scrub the canvas with a soft-bristled brush and some car wash soap for best results.

Be cautious when cleaning the plastic window on the back of your soft top roof, as it can easily be scratched. Use a soft cloth for the best results.

Caring for your soft vinyl top is easy!

Here are a few steps to keep your convertible looking its best: Wash the surface with a mild detergent and warm water.

Rinse off the soap and then dry with a soft towel. Use a commercial protectant specifically made for vinyl surfaces to protect the fabric.

Reapply every few months to keep your top in top condition!

Gently wash your soft vinyl top with car wash soap. If the dirt seems complicated to remove, use a bristle brush to scrub it away.

To protect the vinyl from sun damage, dress it with a Blueoxy shine protectant after washing it.

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