The detergent build-up, mold growth, limescale accumulation, and dirt can damage a washing machine if left unchecked. Over time, these issues can affect the appliance’s proper operation and diminish its performance.

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule for your washing machine is essential for ensuring that your laundry always smells fresh and is thoroughly clean. Developing this habit is highly recommended for optimal results.

The washing machine has several components that need to be thoroughly cleaned; however, the drum is sometimes overlooked.

What causes mold, slime, and unpleasant odors in a washing machine?

Solutions for purifying the washing machine drum are available.

It is essential to be aware that high humidity levels can accumulate within the drum, leading to mold growth and resulting in an unpleasant odor from the laundry.

How can this issue be addressed?

To prevent odors from emanating from the drum, keeping the door open when the washing machine is not in use is vital, permitting the appliance to dry quickly and avoid accumulating moisture.

Additionally, it is beneficial to clean and disinfect the drum thoroughly using a product offering deep cleaning action, such as Blueoxy Washing Machine Cleaner & Descaler.

The utilization of this product every month has a host of benefits.

This washing machine accessory facilitates the prevention of residue build-up, optimizing effectiveness.

It provides a comprehensive internal cleaning and renders laundry noticeably fresher and more fragrant.

Additionally, it works on the more difficult-to-reach internal components of the washing machine. Results are noticeable with the first use.

In addition to the Sanitizing Washing Machine Cleaner, the Blueoxy Washing Machine Cleaner & Descaler helps clean the machine.

Just one application a month is sufficient to thoroughly clean the machine because its formula contains activated carbon capable of trapping residuals.

Additionally, its formula eliminates dirt from the coils and inner pipes while preserving and protecting all metal and rubber components.

The use of Sanitizing Washing Machine Cleaner and Washing Machine Care is simple.

It is sufficient to initiate a washing cycle at a temperature of at least 60° C to eradicate the microorganisms grown within the washing machine. Furthermore, avoiding putting laundry in the drum during the application, adding other detergents, and setting the prewash are essential.

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